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Energy Resources, Debates & Presentations

OurFuture.Energy have teamed up with ASE (Association for Science Education) to offer teachers more curriculum linked energy resources for National 3, 4 & 5 and GCSE.

You'll find student briefing cards, research guidance and lesson outline suggestions.

ASE & OFE Energy Resource PDF

ASE & OFE Student Briefing Cards PDF

The Energy Trilemma

There is a delicate balance between the three main areas of our energy future; security, accessibility and sustainability. This is known as the energy trilemma. How we manage these areas is a tricky task.

The following activities introduce pupils to the idea of the energy trilemma in a creative way, allowing them to understand the idea through word searches, quizzes and drawing activities.

Produced in collaboration with Children's University Scotland.

Trilemma Resource - Intro

Trilemma Resource - Security

Trilemma Resource - Affordability

Trilemma Resource - Sustainability

Trilemma Resources - Answers


Powering the Future

Downloadable PDFs allow you to piece together the steps needed to generate electricity from wind, solar, hydroelectric and wave power, as well as how oil and gas is formed over hundreds of thousands of years.


Air Pollution infographic

A colourful, simple infographic explaining the questions behind air pollution: what is it? How does it affect us? What can we do about it?


From Real Dinosaurs to Toy Dinosaurs

What do real dinosaurs and toy dinosaurs have in common? Apart from both being dinosaurs, obviously! Well, deep breath... Plastic comes from oil. Oil is (partially) from dinosaurs. So toy dinosaurs are made (partially) from real dinosaurs

Future Fuels: Internal Combustion Engines

A three-part series looking at how fuel can generate the energy we need to power our transport. The series will also look at alternative fuels we can use in the future. This video looks at how an internal combustion engine works.

Future Fuels: Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

This video looks at cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels to power our transport. These alternatives include biogas (specifically methane) from landfill sites and compressed air.

Future Fuels: Reducing Friction and Maglev Technology

This final video of the series, looks at ways we can cut the amount of fuel transport uses by reducing friction where possible.

How It Works: Hydroelectric Dam

This simple animation shows how a hydroelectric dam generates energy.

How It Works: Thermal Power Stations

Coal, oil and gas can be used as primary sources of energy, as well as transformed into electrical energy, which is a secondary source of energy. This transformation happens in thermal power stations.

How It Works: Combined Cycle Gas Turbine

The combustion (or burning) of the gas directly turns the blades of a gas turbine but there is enough leftover heat in the exhaust gases to drive a steam turbine. The heat energy lost from conventional thermal power stations can also be used to heat spaces and water in industry, homes and business.

How It Works: Nuclear Decay

A simple video courtesy of Glasgow Science Centre showing the idea of nuclear fission as a chain reaction, using mousetraps and ping pong balls!

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