Powering the Future Week

Powering The Future Week Videos

From the 17th to 23rd August 2020, Glasgow Science Centre ‘s #GSCAtHome campaign ran a week-long special on Powering The Future, with a series of seven engaging videos on the theme of energy.

Produced in an “at-home” style the videos introduce concepts of energy and provide instructions on how to carry out some simple experiments at home or in the classroom.

  • Energy – What’s the big idea?
  • Make your own water wheel
  • Make your own motor
  • Make your own wind turbine
  • Future Transport
  • Popping Potential
  • Invisible Fire Extinguishers

All the videos are presented by Glasgow Science Centre’s team of Science Communicators and are free to view and use in the classroom.

Energy – What’s The Big Idea?

Caitlin is here to kick-off #PoweringTheFutureWeek with an introduction to what energy is and how it works, some different types of energy, and some energy phrases that you might have heard of. 

Energy – What’s the big idea?

Make Your Own Water Wheel

Abi will show you how to make a model water wheel as you investigate how to change the movement energy in flowing water to something more useful.

To make your own water wheel you will need: a large bowl, 2 x paper plates, some cardboard, 6 x plastic bottle caps, 2 x plastic rulers, a wooden skewer, plasticine or re-useable tack, a jug of water, duct tape or Sellotape, strong glue, and adult permission and supervision.

Make Your Own Water Wheel

Make Your Own Motor

Learn with Amy how we can generate electricity from different types of energy. Then, explore the basics of transferring chemical energy into movement energy as you design your own simple motor using a battery, copper wire, and a neodymium magnet.

Adult permission and supervision required.

Make Your Own Motor

Make Your Own Wind Turbine

Join Sabah and harness the power of the wind! Learn about renewable energy by making your own simple model wind turbine.

To make your own model wind turbine you’ll need blu tack, glue, a toilet roll or kitchen roll tube, paper, scissors, coloured pens, pencils or paints, a toothpick and adult supervision.

Make Your Own Wind Turbine

Future Transport

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to design your own transport of the future. What will it look like? How will it be powered? Join Claire, David, Carla and Ruairi in getting creative – you’ll need some pens, pencils and paper to draw your idea, or some recycling or craft supplies if you’re going to make a model. 

Future Transport

Popping Potential

Fergus is here to investigate how energy is involved in the process of making popcorn. Yum!

Popping Potential

Invisible Fire Extinguishers

Explore energy in the context of the fire triangle with Abi, and see how a flame can be extinguished ‘as if by magic’ using CO2 gas. To try at home, you will need adult permission and supervision required.

Invisible Fire Extinguishers

Powering the Future Week was supported by OPITO, the global not-for-profit skills body for the energy industry.

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