Renewable energy sources are contributing more and more to energy mixes around the world.

From wind to solar, hydro to biomass, these energy sources will never run out. So brush up on your knowledge on our renewables quiz, ‘cos these sources are going to be around a while!

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Take our quick renewables quiz and test your knowledge of how energy sources like wind, solar, hydro and biomass are contributing to our energy mix.

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Which of these energy sources is based on radioactive decay?

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How much area is Scotland covered in solar panels would generate enough energy for one household?

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Which of these sources does not rely on a generator to produce energy?

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Sunlight is made of . . .

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Which of these is the most commonly used renewable energy in the UK?

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What percentage of the world’s electricity comes from wind?

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What is the start-up time of a pumped hydroelectric power station?

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Which energy source is the fastest growing in the world?

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